Restaurant - Kaban Boutique Hotel

The on-site restaurant has a capacity of 90 people and offers traditional and European cuisine, plus a selection of the best wines from Romanian and foreign vineyards. Kaban also organizes private and corporate events. The restaurant is open daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


The restaurant offers its guests the following amenities:

Local dishes

International dishes



Special diet menu

Children's menu


Hummus with baked pepper salad and focaccia

50 / 50 / 100g - 16 RON

Pate mix with toast

chicken liver, baked peppers, (pork) scraps

150g - 16 RON

Bruschette with tomatoes and goat cheese

200g - 25 RON

Beef carpaccio with arugula and parmesan cheese

300g - 25 RON

Camembert la cuptor

servită cu toast, nuci, merișoare și miere

250/100g - 30 RON

Salată de vinete

Salată de vinete servită cu pâine

150g - 13 RON

Cașcaval pane

Cașcaval în crustă de porumb și semințe, servit pe pat de salată

200/60g - 16 RON

Salads & greens

Veggie salad

salad mix, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, walnut, avocado, cheese, balsamic vinegar reduction

250g - 27 RON

Shrimp salad with avocado and lime

salad mix, shrimp, avocado, corn, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and lime

250g - 35 RON

Marinated chicken salad

salad mix, marinated chicken, avocado, cherry tomatoes, seed mix and tartar sauce

250g - 26 RON

Crispy chicken salad

salad mix, chicken breast in corn flakes, cherry tomatoes, cheese, olive oil

250g - 26 RON

Salată de vară

roșii, castraveți, ardei și ceapă

200g - 8 RON

Salată de murături asortate

270g - 30 RON


Shrimp pasta

tagliatelle with cream sauce, cashews and pan fried shrimp

350g - 26 RON

Tagliatelle with chicken breast and chanterelle mushrooms

fresh pasta bathed in cream sauce with chanterelle mushrooms and garlic, sprinkled with delicious pieces of marinated chicken breast

350g - 28 RON

Mediterranean penne

pasta with an Italian air, offered by the fresh mixture of cherry tomatoes, artichokes, olives, garlic, bell peppers, onions, green basil, sprinkled with olive oil and freshly squeezed lime juice

350g - 23 RON

Smoked bacon mac and chesse

lightly baked pasta with Cedar cheese cream, smoked bacon pieces and slices of hot pepper

350g - 30 RON

Cajun Shrimp Pasta

250g - 30 RON

Penne cu legume

Paste cu aer Italian cu amestec de legume trase la tigaie, parmezan și busuioc proaspăt

250g - 23 RON



tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked pork breast, homemade sausage, chanterelle mushrooms, red onion, pine seed, basil

440g - 25 RON


tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami, chilli, olives

440g - 25 RON

Quattro stagioni

tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, raw salami, sweet peppers, olives

440g - 23 RON


tomato sauce, mozzarella, marinated chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, corn, bell pepper

440g - 25 RON


tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil

440g - 21 RON

Quattro formaggi

cream, blue cheese, smoked cheese, fresh mozzarella, parmesan

440g - 29 RON


tomato sauce, vegetable cheese, pumpkin, peppers, mushrooms, arugula, corn and olives

440g - 25 RON


Beef soup

350g - 13 RON

The house soup

chicken soup, with boletus and house-made sour cream mixed with egg

300g - 17 RON

Vegetable cream soup

300g - 15 RON

Ciorba radauteana

350g - 14 RON

Ciorba de fasole cu afumatura

350g - 15 RON

Main dishes - pork

Pork ribs

Cooked ribs in vacuo for 8 hours, then tossed on the grill, accompanied by baked potatoes, corn and sweet peppers

400 / 200 / 50 / 30g - 49 RON

Pork chops with cabbage

pan fried pork chops with onion and soy sauce, set on a bed of pickled cabbage and hash browns (potato and onion)

200 / 150 / 50g - 34 RON

Pork steak with sweet peppers and potato slices and onions

pork cooked on charcoal grill, sweet peppers, potato rounds and panko onions, with a pickled cabbage salad garnished with red onion

300 / 50 / 200g - 38 RON

Ceafa de porc cu legume

ceafa de porc gatita incet, cu legume la tigaie cu bacon si usturoi

200/200g - 28 RON

Cârnat de casă

la grătar servit cu pastă de hrean și salată de sfeclă

250 / 50 / 150g - 28 RON

Main dishes - poultry

Chicken fry with wild rice

Grilled pieces of marinated (in carefully chosen spices) chicken breast, served with a creamy wild rice flavored with parmesan

200 / 200g - 27 RON

Crispy strips

Spiced chicken fillet, cooked in seed crust and corn flakes, served with wedges potatoes, onion rings and aioli sauce

200 / 150 / 50 / 50g - 26 RON

Coquelet chicken (recommended for 2 people)

Marinated coquelet, cooked in sous vide, served with backed potatoes and vegetables, topped with garlic sauce and homemade cream

300/50/150g - 30 RON

Duck breast with beet puree and baked vegetables

The breast is roasted on coals, and the puree made from the sweetest beet from our farm, served with cooked vegetables and a fine sauce of red wine

200/150/50g - 32 RON

Grilled turkey breast

Made a little on the grill, placed on a generous layer of arrabbiata pasta, sprinkled with parmesan and baked

200/50/150g - 55 RON

Pui Dijon cu orez sălbatic

Pui gătit la sous vide cu sos de muștar Dijon, ardei kapia și spanac și servit cu orez sălbatic

200 / 50 / 150g - 28 RON

Main dishes - beef & mutton

Beef steak

200g - 69 RON

Bone-in beef chuck

bone-in beef chunk matured for 30 days, cooked on coals and served with flavored butter

350g - 60 RON

Home made burger

a juicy beef burger with salad, cedar cheese, bacon and caramelized onions, on a generous bed of fried potatoes and different sauces

300 / 180 / 50g - 35 RON

Sheep stew with pickled onion and cinnamon

sheep stew cooked over low heat, served with polenta and assorted pickles

300 / 200 / 100g - 50 RON

Muschi de vita

felii din muschi de vita gatit in tigaie, flambat in cognac, servit cu ulei aromatizat si salata de rucola cu rosii

200/100/20g - 65 RON

Tigaie picantă de vită

Bucățele de vită servite alături de legume trase la tigaie, porumb copt și cipsuri de cartofi

100 / 200 / 50g - 32 RON

Main dishes - fish

Oven cooked salmon fillet

pan fried salmon, seasoned with a citrus fruit sauce, served with a portion of tagliatelle made from vegetables with butter and pine seeds

200 / 200/30g - 40 RON

Fish and chips

pieces of pike perch in dough with black beer, fries and homemade tartar sauce

200 / 200 / 50g - 30 RON

Trout fillets with cream sauce and boletus

trout fillets with cream sauce and boletus, served with backed polenta

200 / 200g - 39 RON

Red tuna fillets in green pepper crust

fine tuna fillets dipped in soy vinaigrette, served with a mix of green salads

200/200/50g - 32 RON

Regional specialties

Boletus with sourcream and polenta

boletus from our hills, cook with onion, dill and cream, served with polenta

200/100/100/200g - 28 RON

”Balmoș” (local specialty from Bukovina)

one of the basic dishes from the Obcini folds, which is often confused with polenta. Yes, it has the corn flour as the main ingredient, but it also contains cheese, butter, cream and on top, it is served with a cup of thick milk and two-three (pork) scraps

300 / 200g - 28 RON

”Tochitură bucovineană” (local specialty)

pork, smoked sausages, smoked bacon, all thrown into a pot and cooked over a high heat, served with polenta, cheese, egg and pickles of all kinds

250 / 200 / 100 / 50g - 30 RON

Hribi cu smantana si mamaliga

adunati de pe dealurile noastre, trantiti si fierti in cratita cu ceapa, marar si smantana si apoi serviti cu mamaliga aburinda

200 / 200g - 39 RON

Tocana de mistret

facuta din pulpa de mistret fiert domol si servit cu cartofi copti si muraturi asortate

250/200/100g - 55 RON

Păstrăv file

gătit în smântână cu mămăligă

200 / 50 / 200g - 33 RON

Side dishes


200g - 7 RON

Baked potatoes

200g - 10 RON

Grilled vegetables

200g - 14 RON

Wild rice with cream and parmesan

200g - 13 RON

Green salad with lemon

150g - 9 RON

Summer salad

tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions

200g - 8 RON

Pickled cabbage salad with red onion

200g - 7 RON

Assorted pickle salad

200g - 7 RON


150g - 2 RON


200g - 6 RON

Focaccia cu parmezan

210g - 7 RON

Turte pe plita

200g - 6 RON


Boletus sauce

50g - 5 RON

Wine sauce with anise

50g - 4 RON

Garlic sauce

50g - 2 RON

Tartar sauce

50g - 3 RON


”Papanași” (cheese pancakes - local specialty) with cream and blueberry jam

unparalleled in the Bukovina cuisine, these fried cheese pancakes are made from the freshest cow cheese in ”Țara Dornelor”, served with butter and blueberry jam made in our kitchen

200 / 50 / 30g - 16 RON

Kaban cake with belgian chocolate

dark chocolate, white chocolate, walnut dough, fresh whipped cream

170g - 15 RON

Homemade ice cream

creamy ice cream in which we included only natural ingredients, fruits and real chocolate

130g - 12 RON

Black & white Lava Cake

the combination of cake and fluid chocolate is always a delicious experience

130 / 40g - 20 RON

Tiramisu cu crema Baileys

un desert italian cu amprenta Kaban intrepatrunsa in aromele si texturile acestuia

180g - 16 RON

Înghețată făcută în casă

de vanilie și ciocolată, servită cu sos de caramel și nuci

150g - 15 RON

Pancakes cu cremă de ciocolată și banane

claătite pufoase, cu o delicioasa cremă de ciocolată și felii de banană

200 / 20 / 50g - 12 RON

Ștrudel cu mere și sos de vanilie

Bucăți de ștrudel cu mere, servit cu sos de vanilie

180 / 40g - 16 RON